Chamber requests funding from district

Barriere Chamber of Commerce, District of Barriere Council Meeting

The Sept. 19 District of Barriere Council meeting was well attended by residents interested in the decision on a request for exemption from the zoning bylaw for flood plain elevation by a local builder.  Gordon DeFerh and Andrew Watson spoke for the request, and Kathy Campbell spoke regarding her concerns on the possible effect of the change in the structure of the bank and how it may affect the river.  Council approved that “under the authority given by part 26, section 910 of the Local Government Act, to exempt lot 7, plan 5207 (4740 Barriere Town Road), District of Barriere from the flood elevation provisions in section 3.3 (d)(iii) of the District of Barriere Zoning Bylaw #8, as amended, subject to any development on those lands meeting the requirements of the engineered flood plain mapping in the report dated Sept. 9, 2011, and a section 219 covenant being registered on title referring to the report and waiving the District of any liabilities with respect to flooding on this property.”

Council passed the first reading of the District of Barriere Official Community Plan Bylaw #85.  There will be a public hearing in October for this bylaw.

The TNRD and the District of Barriere have both agreed on a date for the next Free Dump Day, which will be May 6, 2012.

Council members approved supporting the Barriere Senior Secondary yearbook, by passing a motion to purchase a full page ad in the yearbook.

Lorne Richardson, representing the Barriere Chamber of Commerce, spoke briefly regarding the Chamber’s request for funding.  Council then passed a motion to approve the funding to the Chamber.

The next general meeting of the District of Barriere Council will be on Oct. 3 at 7 p.m.