Chemical dumped when tanker rolls

Barriere RCMP responded to a commercial vehicle rollover collision/chemical spill on Agate Bay Road near Squam Bay on Adams Lake

Barriere RCMP responded to a commercial vehicle rollover collision/chemical spill on Agate Bay Road near Squam Bay on Adams Lake, at approximately 8:30 a.m., on June 5.  As a result of the accident the road was closed.

The unit was a B Train tanker unit with a liquid load of magnesium chloride (30 per cent concentrate) which had spilled as a result of the crash.

RCMP Cpl. Darin Underhill reports that Barriere RCMP members attended the scene; with BC Ambulance, Argo Road Maintenance, MOTI, and Barriere Search and Rescue called out to attend the location.   The Provincial Emergency Preparedness (PEP) was contacted and activated upon confirmation of the spill, they in turn contacted the Ministry of Environment to attend and assess the scene.

The driver was removed from the tractor unit, transported from the scene by BC Ambulance ground crew to a waiting helicopter air ambulance where he was taken to Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops with unknown injuries.

Agate Bay Road was closed to traffic in both directions with Argo and MOTI on scene, and flagger’s were set up to divert traffic on alternate routes.

An update was obtained on the driver’s status indicating he was not seriously injured, was undergoing some testing, but anticipated release from hospital shortly.

“Investigation revealed no sign of impairment on the driver; no criminal charges, but a Motor Vehicle Act charge for ‘fail to keep right’ will be issued,” said Underhill.

The scene was turned over to other partner agencies responsible for cleanup and removal of vehicles when safe to do so.

Later that same morning at approximately 10:30 a.m.,  Barriere RCMP were again called out to respond to a truck on fire on Highway 5 near Vinsulla Ferry Road.  The vehicle was partially blocking the highway.

“The fire was in-between fire coverage areas so no fire department could attend the scene,” reported Underhill, “There was an off duty police officer and other bystanders on scene who assisted in the scene control, and locating a water source to extinguish the fire prior to police arrival.”

The Corporal reports that the motorhome that was towing the truck had heat damage to the rear, and could not be driven due to no working rear lights.  The BC Ambulance Service attended, along with a flag crew.

“The vehicles were moved off the highway and all parties were checked over and fine,” said Underhill, “It appears the fire started on one of the wheels of the truck, so it may have been a brake issue that heated up and caused the fire to start.”