Cheque delivery by post office June 20


Despite the ongoing labour disruption, Canada Post says that socio-economic cheques will be delivered.  The following cheques will be delivered on June 20: Receiver General of Canada, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Veterans’ Affairs Pension Plan, and Canada Child Tax Benefit

These cheques will be delivered to eligible Canadians on June 20 by regular mail delivery.  Please ensure you check your mail box or visit your local post office if you are expecting any of the socio-economic cheques mentioned above.

For customers who receive their regular mail delivery via general delivery at a post office or via a postal box, all post offices will be open on June 20 to allow customers to retrieve their cheques. Offices that have been closed due to the work disruption will be open for the day for cheque pick-up only and will not handle any other retail transactions. Customers can visit for further information.