Clearwater gets new doctor

Clearwater, doctor

After a long search, Clearwater has a new doctor.

The Clearwater Medical Center announced June 22, that it is welcoming Dr. Mathilde Stuart and her husband Chris to the community of Clearwater and the North Thompson Valley.

According to the Medical Center, Dr. Stuart has arrived from South Africa where she has been practicing for several years.

She and her husband are both excited to learn more about the community and exploring Wells Gray Park and surrounding areas. Chris Stuart is an avid outdoorsman and a keen photographer.

They have three grown children who look forward to visiting them in Clearwater.

Dr. Stuart will first get settled into the community and then will ease her way into the local practice.

It has been a long process in working with Dr. Stuart to help her make Clearwater home, but she is looking forward to being a part of the community.