Council back in session

District of Barriere Council Meeting

The District of Barriere is back to having their regular twice a month council meetings after the summer break.  The draft OCP and Sustainability Plans will have their First Reading at the next regular council meeting.  The drafts were on hand at the NT Fall Fair and Rodeo for public scrutiny and have been up on the District’s website.  A few corrections will be made based on comments received at the Fair.

Lightning took out two antennas and a myriad of communications equipment at the reservoir and deep wells on Monday, August 29.  At the time of the Sept. 6 council meeting, staff were still in the process of fixing the problems, but they anticipate completion of the repairs by Sept. 9.  The water patrol will come around with ‘green’ notices when everything is back online.

The water tie-in across Dunn Lake Road to the Agriplex was completed on August 31.  Cudos and thank yous to all those who participated in the day long affair, as there were few breaks and much of the labour, machinery and gravel was donated.  Staff members Doug Borrill and Paul Amos went above and beyond to complete this job as they had both been working day and night since August 29 dealing with other water issues and the lightning strike.  Ms. Krause is also thanked for spending the entire night of Aug. 31 up at the reservoir so that the water staff could finally get some much deserved sleep.

Staff received approval to apply for a grant from the Federal New Horizons for Seniors Program.  If the application is approved, it would result in the installation of outdoor fitness equipment at Fadear Park.  The equipment is user friendly for all ages from around Grade 6 and up.  Seniors would be trained in their use and would then be able to show others how to use the equipment.

Mayor Mike Fennell proclaimed the week of October 3 to 8 to be Cool to be Kind Week. “Whereas, the daily acts of kindness of most of the citizens of the District of Barriere often go unrecognized; and whereas, by recognizing these daily acts of kindness during this week, all citizens of the District of Barriere will become more aware of the importance of being kind to others throughout the  year; and whereas, by recognizing these acts of kindness during this week, everyone will be encouraged to participate in making the city a kinder, safer and better place to live; and whereas Barriere is celebrating its Barriere is Cool to be Kind week by encouraging schools, businesses, employees, community groups and citizens to participate in Random Acts of Kindness; Now Therefore, I Mike Fennell, Mayor of the District of Barriere do hereby proclaim the week of October 3 to 8, 2011, as Barriere is Cool to be Kind Week.  I encourage everyone to participate in spreading kindness and practicing respect, generosity, patience, and consideration of others at all time in order to create a better, kinder, safer and more peaceful community.”

The next regular District of Barriere Council meeting will be on September 19, at 7 p.m.