Cranbrook Bugle Band stops off in Barriere

Cranbrook Bugle Band stops off in Barriere

Bugle Band marks 76 years

The Cranbrook Bugle Band stopped overnight in Barriere last week on their way to Billie Barker Days in Quesnel. The original band was formed in 1941 and have performed across North America winning many competitions. Although now down to less than a dozen members, at one time they had over 120.

They practice twice a week for a total of six hours and band members can range in age from 11 to 20. The person currently in charge of the band is director Pat Ronalds, who has logged in 30 years with the group.

Although times are changing around the Cranbrook Bugle Band, its uniqueness as an institution cannot be overstated. Aside from the band’s longevity, members play upon antique instruments, the bugles they play went out of production in 1970 (when in need of repair, they are sent to a man in Kelowna who does the repairs).

Elli Kohnert photo: