District of Barriere council votes to unanimously support Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline

Support for the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project by Kinder Morgan Canada

On Oct. 20, 2014 at the regular District of Barriere council meeting, councillors voted unanimously to declare their support for the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project by Kinder Morgan Canada.

“Since the project was announced a little over two years ago there has been a lot of discussion by members of our community about the impacts that this project could have on those that reside in this region,” said District Mayor Bill Humphreys, “However people are talking about this project throughout the province – in particular people debate the issue were it the environment versus the economy. I believe the people of the Interior are no less concerned with protecting our environment than those in the Lower Mainland. We have been on the front line of the resource economy for decades, and our understanding on balancing the needs of the economy and the environment are real.”

Humphreys states that resources are the economic engine of rural communities, and they continue to provide jobs for families while at the same time providing the necessary government revenues and economic activity that even cities in the Lower Mainland need to operate.

“Our council felt that it was important that the people of British Columbia know that communities like Barriere rely on companies like Trans Mountain to help keep our towns working and prosperous,” said the Mayor, “Today Kinder Morgan Canada pays over $5.6 million in local taxes annually in the Thompson Valley Regional District. If the project is approved, that will move to over $13 million paid every year.”

Humphreys also notes that the District of Barriere is more than happy to support the Trans Mountain project and is looking forward to working with the company to see that it is built and operated safely, provides investment for the public good, and jobs for the region.