Downtown Barriere wastewater project in final stages

recent hydroseeding will bring life back to Barriere areas that have been under construction for the last two years

Submitted by the District of Barriere

As you can see by the green that has spread through the downtown over the past week, the recent hydroseeding will bring life back to areas that have been under construction for the last two years.

LNB Construction, the contractor for the new Wastewater Collection System for the wastewater project in downtown Barriere, is finishing up boulevard restoration and working their way through a list of deficiencies provided by the District.

A thorough formal walk through took place on Wednesday, Sept. 9 with the contractor, the District’s Engineer of Record – True Consulting, and district staff, to determine whether substantial completion had been achieved at that point and to come up with a final list of deficiencies that will have to be brought up to contractual standards prior to release of hold back monies. The one year warranty period begins with substantial completion and another thorough inspection will be done prior to the expiration of that warranty period.

At the Solar Aquatics System, the final pour of concrete by ECO-TEK finished off the entrances and ramps into the building and 95 per cent of the large cylindrical surge blending tank. The tank takes three to four weeks to properly cure before liquids can be received. The electrical distribution box and conduits are installed on the top of the surge blending tank ready for pump connections.  Local contractors and ECO-TEK staff will complete the greenhouse framing, cross bracing, extra roof purlins and firming up of the structure by Sept. 25. The internal catwalk will be erected and the installation of the glazing will achieve lockup on the greenhouse. The manifolds, heating system pumps, ventilation ductwork and fans will be installed once the catwalk is complete.

Fink Machine is in the process of assembling the Veissmann boiler and equipment into the Genset container in Enderby. It is scheduled to arrive on site shortly. The contractor will be providing a firm date to council for accepting wastewater at the Oct. 5 Council/Committee of the Whole meeting.

Wastewater connections permits are available free of charge at the district office or on line at The monthly utility fee for users of the system is still being estimated and will be based on actual cost to operate plus a small capital replacement fee. The district is exploring all opportunities to keep the operating cost of this new Solar Aquatics facility as low as possible for the users.

A landscape plan for the exterior of the building was approved by council at the Sept. 8 meeting. It will consist of both grass and xeriscaping with winding pathways planted with locally indigenous species. This project will be funded 50/50 by a CN EcoConnexions grant the district recently was awarded and by District Gas Tax funds.