Eating local promoted by North Thompson Food Action

North Thompson Food Action Network has created a website about local food security:

We are what we eat. The choices we make about what we eat obviously affect our bodies: how we look, how we feel, and how healthy we are. But the choices we make about what we consume also affect the world we live in.

The health of the environment is also affected by how we grow food and food distribution systems. The less food travels from field to plate, the less impact our food consumption has on the environment. To improve the sustainability of our food systems, the message is simple: eat local as much as possible.

To help spread the ‘eat local’ message and the bigger picture of making choices that contribute to sustainable living, the North Thompson Food Action Network has created a website about local food security:

The website will be officially launched at the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo, Sept. 1 – 3, where the North Thompson Food Action Network will have a booth complete with information, giveaways, and a demonstration of the website.

What is food security? “Community food security exists when all citizens obtain a safe, personally acceptable, nutritious diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes healthy choices, community self reliance and equal access for everyone” – Bellows and Hamm, 2003.

What does that mean?

Local food security means that people have access to the foods of their choice (this could include natural, organic, and/or local food) and people have access to a nutritious diet. Healthy eating is promoted and local food is emphasized.

Why is food security important?

Food security is one factor that contributes to a more sustainable world. Local food security reduces fossil fuels used to transport food and the greenhouse gasses associated with the burning of those fossil fuels. Local food security supports smaller-scale producers, which promotes a wider variety of crops and seed diversity. This in turn reduces potential food shortages that could result if larger producers’ monocrops fail.

How can the North Thompson Food Action website help you?

The website is a one-stop shop for information related to food in the North Thompson Valley. You will find business directories and maps for a wide variety of food and agriculture businesses from food producers, processors, retailers, restaurants, farmer’s markets, feed and seed retailers, fishing and hunting outfitters, and more. You can learn more about healthy eating or why and how to eat locally. Gain gardening tips, access local fishing and hunting information, or learn more about our local wild food. Keep current with the “Blogs & News” and “Events Calendar”. Share delicious recipes that could include local food ingredients. The website offers much more including a little something for everyone.

The website is intended for all people of the North Thompson, from food producers to consumers, and everyone in between. Your input is valued and there is currently a survey requesting your feedback on the homepage. If you complete the brief survey by Sept. 7, (it takes two minutes to complete), you will be entered into a draw to win dinner for two at the High Five Diner in Little Fort ($50 value).

The North Thompson Food Action Network hopes you will take a moment to check out and looks forward to seeing you at the Fall Fair!