Eco Depot opening Jan. 29

TNRD Eco-Depots in Clearwater and Louis Creek, are scheduled to open Tuesday, Jan. 29

The Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) advise they will be mailing out a brochure in the coming weeks to area residents who will be making use of the new TNRD Eco-Depots in Clearwater and Louis Creek, which are scheduled to open Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Landfills in Barriere and Clearwater will be permanently closed at the end of the day on Monday, Jan. 28.

Ten Eco-Depots, including those in Clearwater and Louis Creek, are opening or being upgraded in 2013 as key components of a recycling program that will see more waste diverted from the landfill as recycling continues to increase.

Peter Hughes, TNRD Director of Environmental Services, says residents who continue recycling will benefit financially when weight-based, pay-as-you-throw garbage disposal is introduced at Eco-Depots this year. The weight-based strategy will be based on a $60-per-tonne disposal fee for garbage with the minimum being set at $1. Residents will be able to continue recycling select materials at no cost.

The brochure provides details on the new weight-based user strategy, procedures, disposal rates and locations. Additional information will be available through the TNRD website and social-media services.

The Recycle Now program, which includes the shift to weight-based user fees, was introduced in June 2008, along with the introduction of household recycling at all transfer stations and landfills. It was developed after an extensive public consultation process found strong support for recycling programs.

The North Thompson Eco-Depot update brochure will go to all North Thompson homes and businesses. Additional copies of the newsletter will be accessible online at or by calling 1.877.377.8673.