Election 2014: Barriere councillor candidate Donna Kibble

Donna Kibble says she is very excited to be a candidate for councillor in the District of Barriere

Donna Kibble

Donna Kibble

Donna Kibble says she is very excited to be a candidate for councillor in the District of Barriere.

“I have lived in Barriere and the area for over 40 years.,” said Kibble,  “I have worked in just about every service organization or group in Barriere, and the others I have dealt with in some way at some time over the years.  I believe that my experience and involvement with so many organizations and committees can be of service to the District.”

Kibble’s bio includes 35 years experience as a foster parent along with husband John.  She has been a director of Barriere and District Chamber of Commerce for five years, and was named Barriere Citizen of the Year in 2000.  Kibble is  a 30 year member of the North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Association, has served 18 years on the executive as director, vice-president and president, and currently sits as past-president.  She served three years as president of the British Columbia Fairs and Exhibitions Association, and three years as president of the North Thompson Volunteer and Information Centre, where she also spent four years as executive director.

“I have developed strong connections with leaders and stakeholders within Barriere and the surrounding area, and I have a good working relationship with our federal, provincial and municipal politicians,” said Kibble,  “I believe in putting community first.  I am a good team player, am willing to work on any project, and am excited to have the opportunity to help my community from city hall.”

The Star/Journal asked her what she sees as positive milestones that have taken place in Barriere since incorporation?

“The Bandshell is my big thing.  I love the activity it brings to the heart of the community, and how often it is used as a gathering place for families, socializing, and events,” said Kibble, “And of course the Agriplex and what is happening at the fall fair grounds now which is bringing a big boost to the economy in the area.  I like the fact that the businesses downtown are working hard to encourage others into the area, and that those that are there are working to improve the look of their appearance, such as the facelift at Interior Savings.  And, believe it or not, I like the four-way stop at the post office as I think it encourages people to use the crosswalk, which is much safer now that the area is seeing so much more traffic.”

Asked what her election platform is, Kibble answered, “I want to see the economic development spin offs coming from the Agriplex actively pursued by the District so they continue to grow and help Barriere.  And I want to see the municipality actively pursuing economic development opportunities to bring employment into the area.   I want to work towards getting the downtown area to become a busy hub with numerous small business located there – we need some life down there and we need to dedicate the time and promotion required to achieve it.”

Kibble says her platform is really about taking positive steps to improve what in many instances is already here.

“I believe that Barriere has been blessed by all the area service organizations and groups who contribute so much to our healthy lifestyle and social well being.  I believe we have to assist these groups in whatever way is possible to be able to continue with their programs for our citizens.  I want Barriere to come up to par as far as accessibility for seniors and people with mobility problems, and I will encourage the District to investigate funding opportunities to this end.”

Asked what Kibble’s vision is for the future of Barriere she said, “To see the downtown core of Barriere be alive again, and to be all that it can be. To see our town hall finished and occupied.  To see the splash pad constructed and full of laughing families.  To keep our citizens able to stay here because there are good paying jobs available, and to see health professionals such as a dentist, optician, and more with offices in Barriere.”

Kibble made note that members of council are not required to live within the municipality.  Although she has lived and raised her family in the community called Barriere for over 40 years, but since incorporation her home is not within the municipal boundaries of Barriere.

“We currently live on East Barriere Lake Road,” said Kibble, “But we have our home listed for sale so that we can move into the downtown area of Barriere where we want to spend the rest of our lives.”

If you would like to contact Donna Kibble call 250-672-5672, or email her at: donnakibble@yahoo.ca.  You can also find her Facebook page: “Vote Donna Kibble”.