Election 2014: Barriere councillor candidate Shane Quiding

Shane Quiding says he is running for one of the six councillor because he loves the community

Shane Quiding

Shane Quiding

Shane Quiding says he is running for one of the six councillor positions in the District of Barriere because he loves the community.

“I really love it here,” said Quiding, “I believe in the community and I think it would be good to have some new blood in the council.”

Quiding came to the community from Ladner. B.C., where he managed a garage for nine years, then switched to dealership repair, and he now owns and operates his business Act 1 Services in Barriere.

Moving to Barriere with his family in December of 2003 he says the community impressed him immensely at the time.

“That was right after the fires, and the first thing we saw here was the Christmas Parade,” said Quiding, “The spirit of the community was amazing.  We started to build a fence and the neighbour came over to help, we went shopping for groceries in AG Foods and spent 20 minutes meeting and talking to members of the community.  Everyone was hit hard after that fire, but it brought everyone together.  Nobody complained about everything, everyone was positive.

“Now though, the community seems to have lost some of that attitude, and I want to bring that back.  People are leaving the community now for two reasons – no work, or they are scared of our current government regarding the possibility of tax increases to come.

“I love this community and I want to help make it better.”

Asked what he sees as positive milestones in the community Quiding answered, “The Bandshell and Friday Nights at the Bandshell, the park washrooms, the up and coming sewer system.

Quiding believes incorporation can work well for Barriere.  “We have to give it a chance, it’s nice to have our own mayor and council who are easily accessible even after hours; but on the other hand, we, the residents can only be taxed so much.”

The candidate says he has a number of items on his election platform.

“I want something for the teenagers in our community, maybe a boys and girls club that is open after school every day where they can hang out and be safe. Maybe take a part of that HY Louie building for them, it would be better than people getting mad at them for hanging out in the park or at the ball diamonds.

“As a council member I will be on board with all members of the community, be they rich or poor.  I am not a “yes” man.  I will do what is right for all of us not just a few.

“If I sit on council somebody will be there who can say “Hey, if we do that are we going to be impacting anybody, and if so, how do we not?”, or “How are we going to reimburse them?”.

“I want to see way more communication between the government and the community.  I want government to remember it is for the people, by the people, and that people shouldn’t be scared of our government – they work for us.

“I don’t want to see people lose here, I want our government to help people and do good by people.”

Quiding says his vision for Barriere is, “A proud community where people feel good to be here and are proud to live here.  A place where there is plenty of work and something for the teenagers.  A place where people are positive thinkers – not negative.  I want to see a happy sustainable community with good work and a good lifestyle for the community, and I want to see it where people don’t have to leave and work out of town.”

The candidate says he is looking forward to the upcoming election.

“I will do my best if elected to represent and help everyone,” said Quiding, “Have a great day.”

If you would like to contact Shane Quiding call 250-672-9721 or 250-320-0867.