Election 2014: Barriere councillor incumbent Pat Paula

Pat Paula says she is ready to run for a fourth term

Pat Paula

Pat Paula

After seven years serving the District of Barriere on council Pat Paula says she initially had decided to not run again.  However, that decision changed.

“When I looked at the slate of candidates there were only six, the exact number of councillors required,” said Paula, “I believe Barriere deserves a choice – an elected council – so I put my name forward for a fourth term.”

Paula says she sees many milestones in the community since incorporation.

“Park development for the leisurley enjoyment of those who  live in Barriere and for visitors who might stay for awhile and patronize our local businesses,” said Paula, “The acquisition of the Louis Creek Industrial Park after years of uncertainty  in which the previous councils and mayor worked tirelessly to acquire what was promised in 2003.

“The beginnings of the 100 per cent government funded sewer collection system and treatment facility. And the Final Official Community Plan (OCP) – a wonderful co-operative effort between our local government and the public.”

Paula says milestones for herself as councillor involved work on the OCP, working on a legitimate filing system for the District of Barriere, and serving as Chair of the Barriere Cemetery Committee where a review of the bylaws and policies for the cemetery were reviewed by a joint committee, council and the public.

Other milestones were, “Working for a year or more regarding the zoning bylaw  with management and public input to paint a legal arrangement that suits Barriere and its residents.  Previously, the zoning was the TNRD’s view on how our zones should be arranged.”

Paula says she did extensive study on modular and mobile home owner protection.  “I did an immense amount of research and recording of public input to create a resolution to SILGA and the UBCM to have residents included and protected under B.C.’s Home Protection Office.  It is still a work in progress.”

Paula notes she is also currently serving as the council liason to the Public Women’s and Children Protection Committee.

“Being a voice on council that is not afraid to question on behalf of Barriere’s residents is very important to me,” said Paula, “I don’t bend to bullying, intimidation or conflict aimed in my direction as has occurred in this past term of office.”

Paula says her platform includes that she has been and wants to continue to be a voice on council that serves the residents in money management, and the development of “correct and clear policies and bylaws that apply equally and fairly”.

“The partnership between local government and residents is essential to move forward.

“I want to to be part of finishing the projects that we have started and continue to encourage public participation at every step.  No swearing, no bullying, but good concrete ideas will continue to move this town forward.”

What is Paula’s vision for the future of the municipality?

“To maintain our rural roots and ensure a safe community.  To promote the things that will benefit the whole community; policing, roads, fiscal restraint, water and sewer, fire protection, safe housing, schools where the teachers once again live in the community, and ongoing professional recruitment  for doctors and dentists.  I want a pleasant life for those living here.

“I want to live in a town with beautiful parks, and one that had a good friendly community that reaches out to all ages of residents – not something based on how rich or old you are.”

Pat Paula says she has lived here most of her life,  35 years just north of Barriere, and seven years within the community.

“I encourage people to get out and vote,” said Paula, “Voting is how you can effect change,”

If you would like to contact Pat Paula call 250-672-5660.