Election 2014: Barriere mayor incumbent Bill Humphreys

Why is Bill Humpreys seeking another term as mayor?

Bill Humphreys

Bill Humphreys

The Star/Journal asked incumbent mayor Bill Humphreys why he is seeking a second term?

“I actually enjoy the experience,” said Humphreys, “I like our community and I would really like to go out into the world and promote it.  I believe that is part of the mayors job, it is important, and I can do that well.”

Asked if he thought being elected as chair of the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) board of directors has been a benefit for Barriere, Humphreys replied, “Being fortunate to be elected chair of the TNRD gives me the opportunity to go out into other communities and foster relationships with ours.  The chair’s position does that, and also enhances Barriere’s ability to grow the community and foster the environment to make things happen.”

Humphreys also noted, “I’m good with taking responsibility, and it must be noted that the mayor’s position is absolutely and totally different than a councillor position.  The mayor gets only one vote on council.”

What does he see as milestones accomplished during the past four years of his tenure as mayor?

“Top of the list is the fact that we did get the Louis Creek industrial land into our name, and maintained a good relationship with government who are helping us to market the site,” said Humphreys, “This will bring industry and jobs, and will also be the first industrial park outside of Kamloops, as well as offering sites at much lower rates.”

Humphreys says other milestones include “positive fostering of relationships with other communities”, and that Barriere has an active membership with the British Columbia Economic Development Association.

“The start of the waste water and sewer treatment facility and seepage treatment plant is huge for the community,” said Humphreys, “And the acquisition of the HY Louie land in the downtown core will not only provide the opportunity for site development but more parking facilities as well.”

Humphreys noted that the construction of the sewer collection system is expected to be completed by the end of November, and that road paving will be undertaken in the spring.  “We are hoping that when the spring pumping of septic tanks takes place in the area, that we will be able to accommodate them instead of having to ship to Kamloops.”

Humphreys says the first item on his election platform is, “The completion of the waste water project, and not only the streets getting paved but also the remediation of the boulevards.  Second is to pursue, with our First Nation partners the light industrial and commercial opportunities at the Louis Creek Industrial Park.”

He noted that commercial and light industrial businesses will have to dovetail to present the site in a pleasing manner, “We can’t have a tire grinding plant right up front”.

Humphreys says another item on his election platform is, “To go to the public for approval to borrow money for production wells and improvements to the water distribution lines and additional resources up on Mountain Road. The reason behind this is we have identified that the pipes carrying our water (the main big ones) are indeed due to fail, and we know that there is a bottleneck in the areas north of the Barriere River.  We are applying to the Small Communities Grant to address this.

“I also want to improve transparency and communication, and I plan to get a new management team.”

Asked what his vision is for the future of the community, Humphreys stated, “I would like to see our community do proper infill as far as development goes.  Finish our subdivisions, continue to work on downtown revitalization and create syouth facilities.”

You can contact Bill Humphreys by calling 250-672-5620, cell 250-851-6165 or email:  bill_humphreys@telus.net.