Feasibility study is now underway on 12 month food/farm public market

Study to determine viability of developing/implementing a 12-month food/farm peoples market

Community Futures Thompson Country is based in Kamloops.

Community Futures Thompson Country is based in Kamloops.

Community Futures Thompson Country (CFTC) is pleased to announce that Greenchain Consulting has been selected as the successful pro-ponent to deliver the feasibility study for the development of a permanent 12-month food/farm people’s public market in Kamloops.

“I think that Greenchain consulting was a great choice made by the local advisory committee as this company has a proven track record in developing community markets in BC” said Shirley Culver committee chair.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to determine the viability of developing/implementing a permanent 12-month food/farm peoples market “Downtown at the Market” in the Kamloops area. It is hoped that research will show that a permanent facility that will showcase and provide sales space for locally produced food (fruit, vegetables, seeds, pulses, meats etc.), value added foods (baked goods, jams, jel-lies, pickles, sausages, etc.), and ancillary products is feasible in Kamloops. Further, it will identify complementary amenities which will contribute to revenue diversification, sustainability and/or add to its function.

“This Feasibility Study partnership has struck a chord with so many involved groups who want to see a vibrant, sustainable, inclusive food hub for our community. Our Farmers Market is growing with the City of Kamloops and excited to see where this information leads us with our plans for the future”, stated Daniela Basile, spokesperson Kamloops Regional Farmers Market.

The project advisory committee is looking for creative food concepts that create an experiential shopping, eating, snacking, experiencing local food unlike any other in the South Central Interior.

In order to create something truly unique – highly-visible prime location(s) in the Kamloops area will be identified that embodies ‘think local fare with flair, and think outside of the paper plate.’

Most of all, the committee is looking for concepts that will help drive vitality, and draw crowds from near and far creating a true food destination experience, un-matched by anything currently available locally.”