Final Report from Red Tape Reduction Committee

Final Report from Red Tape Reduction Committee by Cathy McLeod

Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo says the January 18 release of the final report from the Red Tape Reduction Committee recommends 90 specific solutions that reduce the compliance burden and alleviate irritants to business that stem from federal regulatory requirements.

“After hearing from business people from across the country, the committee was able to identify 2,300 irritants that have a detrimental effect on growth and innovation and produce 90 specific recommendations to deal with them,” said McLeod.

“One of the key proposals is to legislate a ‘One-for-One Rule;’ simply put, every time the government adopts a new regulation, it must eliminate an existing one,” stated McLeod.

The report also contains 15 proposals for systemic change, including tying the bonuses of senior public servants to their success in implementing the One-for-One Rule, and giving the Office of the Auditor General the mandate of reviewing and reporting on the government’s progress in reducing the regulatory administrative burden.

“Personally, I was very impressed by so many of the ideas that were suggested by the business people who participated in the consultation process. A large number of our recommendations follow from their suggestions,” stated McLeod.

“I believe there is no better time than to deal with many of these persistent barriers to business excellence. If we want our economy to grow, we have to reduce the burden on our entrepreneurs. Now is the time to take actions to change the culture of regulation so that red tape does not creep back into our system,” concluded McLeod.