Fireman returns to find home gone

All that was left was the chimney, when Chu Chua fireman Paul Celesta returned home Feb. 24, after he was called to return home while driving to Kamloops.

The Simpcw First Nation volunteer firefighter  returned as quickly as possible on hearing the news that his house was on fire, but it had already burnt to the ground.

RCMP Cpl. Mike Mucha reported, “Police arrived at 200 Dunn Lake Road to find the house was engulfed in smoke and the carport was burnt and had collapsed.  Flames were noted coming from the centre of the home through the roof.  No one was inside the home when the Fire Department attended.  Simpcw Fire and Barriere Fire Departments were also on scene.”

It was lucky that no one was at home, and no pets were lost in the fire.

Kenna Williams, at the Simpcw First Nation office, says the family are staying at an Elder’s home until other arrangements can be made.  She also noted that numerous donations have already come into the Band office for the family; and a fundraiser has been held to support the Celestas.

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the blaze.