Lilly Maye Young

Lilly Maye Young

First baby of the New Year from McLure

The first baby of 2014 is Lilly Maye Young of McLure, born on Jan. 18, 2014

For many years, retired Barriere businessman Dave Baines has annually presented the area’s first New Years baby (from McLure to Little Fort), with the child’s birth weight in loonies.  Baines says that the money is a gift to be spent by the baby’s parents for the future benefit of the child.

The first baby of 2014 is Lilly Maye Young, born on Jan. 18, 2014, weighing seven pounds 13 ounces.  Proud parents, Trey and Chelsea Young, say they were delighted to hear that she was the first baby of the year.

Chelsea grew up in Knouff Lake, and Trey grew up in Barriere.  The couple say they moved to McLure in October of 2013.

Baby Lilly’s parents were happy to report that Lilly is healthy and to their delight, “she’s a tummy sleeper – put her on her tummy and she’ll sleep for five hours.”

Baines presented the family with a cheque for $385.

“We’ll use this to start a savings account for Lilly,” stated the Youngs.