Fish and Game Poker Run “time well spent”

Fish and Game Poker Run “time well spent”

The first annual Poker Run held May 25, 2019, and hosted by the North Thompson Fish & Game Club Society turned out to be a great success. Organizers say they were extremely happy that the event “turned out better than planned”, with over 85 people in attendance.

Along with the people came the ATVs in all shapes and sizes, from side-by-sides, to six passenger side-by-sides, and single ride quads. There were also several 4X4s that attended with locals and the Kamloops 4 wheel drive club, the directors of the BCATV Association, and many more ATV clubs from B.C. and as far away as Pentiction.

Everyone reported “a great time” in spite of the rain, and many commented they would “rather have the rain over dusty roads”.

The 47km Poker Run was “fun and enjoyable” through well marked and prepared trails, and after the event there were a number of good compliments posted on social media in regards to the job that the trail marking person had done.

Food for the event was handled by the Barriere Lions Club, with Laura and Len bringing their Hungry Horse Mobile Cafe food wagon on site.

“That was an awesome menu, and a big thank to Len, Laura, and the Lions,” said NTFGCS rep Bryan Smith.

Smith says there were, “Big smiles, lots of laughs, and plenty of sharing stories with people who were from expert riders to the first time out.”

He tells there were five poker stations for the run, and then in-field games. Games included everything from “backwards barrel racing” to the “blindfolded driver with a passenger assist director instructor”.

“There were over 11 couples who joined in from the crowd,” said Smith, “That was hysterical – watching wives guiding husbands and vice versa! One couple was a crowd-pleaser, as she kept pointing to where her blindfolded husband was to go, although he couldn’t see her! And there were a few prizes for them based on the cheers of the crowd.”

Poker Run winner Dale Presley, who came in with four deuces, went home with $403.75.

“The North Thompson Fish & Game Club wishes to thank all who joined in,” said Smith, “And a big thank you to Barriere and the people of B.C., for if it wasn’t for you coming out this would not have been possible… see you next year.”


(L-r) Bryan Smith presents Poker Run winner Dale Presley (who came in with four deuces) with $403.75.                                (Kathy Campbell photo)

(L-r) Bryan Smith presents Poker Run winner Dale Presley (who came in with four deuces) with $403.75. (Kathy Campbell photo)