Genuine folk art worthy of appraisal at Little Fort event

Little Fort Antique Appraisal Weekend coming this Saturday

Submitted photo: Not an antique but a genuine piece of folk art

Submitted photo: Not an antique but a genuine piece of folk art

So, if you don’t have an antique to be appraised, how else do you get involved in North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society’s Little Fort Antique Weekend this year?

Got any authentic folk art?  That’s worth consideration too, say weekend organizers.  Take, for instance, a wooden bucket one Hospice volunteer has been packing around since purchasing it in the U.S. Southeast 40-some years ago.  The maker was said to be one of North American’s last — perhaps really the very last — cooper still working.

The cooper was a neighbour, a friend, and aware of the apparent value of his creations (buyers came from New York City hoping to buy churns, buckets and other items fashioned only of cedar staves and white oak bindings, no glue, no nails involved.)  The artisan, then in his early 80s, brushed off the city folks’ attentions and continued to sell what he made to people he liked, for the price he’d considered fair — which put that bucket in a price range his young neighbour could afford.

Fast forward 40-plus years:  The bucket gets a soaking every few months to keep it ‘tight’ and gets dusted less often than it should, the owner admits.  And it’s full of happy memories.

Independent antique appraiser Peter S. Blundell of Vernon, due to make a third appearance at the Little Fort event April 28 and 29, says, “Bring it on.”

The weekend event is neither a show nor a sale.  Area residents may attend the affair as spectators — admission is by donation — or, for a $40 fee, bring up to three items each to be examined by Blundell.  Those wishing to participate in this year’s Little Fort Antique Weekend are advised to book appointments in advance by calling Pat at 250-672-5660 or Elsie at 250-677-4287.   Last year’s two-day show was booked virtually solid, most appointments made well in advance.  The 2012 event runs from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., both Saturday, April 28, and Sunday, April 29.