Have you filled out Housing Survey for the Lower North Thompson?

Have you filled out Housing Survey for the Lower North Thompson?

The District of Barriere is currently preparing a Housing Needs Report. The report’s catchment area is Barriere and all the surrounding area that fall within TNRD Electoral Area ‘0’, which includes Darfield, Little Fort, Louis Creek, Exlou, Barriere Lakes Road area and Agate Bay Road.

Appropriate housing within the province is often hard to find and the Lower North Thompson area is no exception. This survey is to gather feedback from residents that are having a difficult time finding suitable and affordable housing.

The survey is not just for homeowners, it is for everyone who lives in the catchment area as noted above. The data collected will help establish the housing needs for the area. Information gathering is required to move forward with affordable housing planning.

Can you find affordable housing? Is your accommodation too big, or too small? Are you bunking with someone due to no available housing?

Everyone is encouraged to fill out a survey, either online via the District of Barriere website, or print one.You can also obtain a paper copy at the District office to fill out. Surveys are being sent out via email for electronic completion and through Canada Post for hand-written completion. Surveys are being sent out now.

Completed paper surveys can be dropped off at the District of Barriere Office at the front desk or in the District Drop Box at the front door at 4939 Barriere Town Road. If you receive a paper survey and would prefer do yours online, please go to: www.barriere.ca to the survey link.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, at 1:30 p.m., there will be an information session hosted at the Barriere Seniors Hall that will explain about the survey. On the same evening there will also be an information session about the survey at the Barriere Ridge in District of Barriere Council Chambers.

If you have questions about the survey or are looking for more information, please attend one of these meetings. You can also call the District of Barriere office at 250-672-9751 to for more information.