Highlights from council meeting

Highlights from District of Barriere council meeting

Submitted by Colleen Hannigan


Solar Aquatics Plan

Background: At the Aug. 15 council meeting staff brought forward projected cost to complete the construction of the Solar Aquatics Plant.

Since then, foam generators have been installed and will be up and bubbling this week. The roof membrane on the surge blending tank will be installed and the electrical inspection is scheduled. As built drawings and engineering signoffs have been requested of EcoTek as well as the engineering companies themselves.

Riva Ridge trailer park has started the process of hooking up and other properties will follow with critical situations being dealt with as soon as possible.

Wastewater is now flowing in the system and the reclaimed water will be going directly to ground until next spring when it will be re-routed to the parks irrigation downtown. Property owners are asked to contact the district with questions regarding hook-ups and decommissioning their septic tanks.

The operational sustainability planning project is underway with the hopes of having some revenue generation in place for the facility, other than utility users, for next year.

Discussion: In August, projected/actual additional costs to complete were estimated as follows:

Projected        Actual

Foam Generators and Installation            $ 24,000.00            $  25,008.00

Backup Gen Set upgrade and installation            $   7,000.00            $    6,447.00

Payroll                        $ 20,000.00            $  30,308.00

Interior Plumbing & Heating                $ 15,000.00            $         00.00

All In One Electric                    $ 10,000.00            $  24,753.00

Engineering                    $   5,000.00            $         00.00

Roof Membrane    -Surge Blending Tank    $   5,000.00        $         00.00

Misc – lift rental, sensor & misc.            $   6,000.00            $    7,956.00

Costs exceeding prior approval amounts            $ 10,660.26            $  10,660.00

$102,660.26        $105,132.00


Processing the final payroll at the end of last week brought the costs over by $2,472.00. There are still items that need to be completed/paid for as follows:

All In One Electric            Invoice Sept 4 to Sept 9            $  3,508.00

All In One Electric         Electrical Drawings

and Electrical Inspection            $  3,200.00

Site Supervisor            Gas Allowance                $     750.00

Barriere Timbermart        Purchases to Sept 12                $     255.00

Engineering            Sign offs estimates                $  5,000.00

Interior Plumbing &        Invoice August to Sept 8 – (we may receive

Heating (IPH)            small further odd material invoices)        $13,432.00

Miscellaneous            Roof Membrane material & unknowns        $  3,500.00

Payroll                Including roof membrane install            $  4,000.00

Schauenburg Industries        Foam Generator connecting tunnels        $  1,275.00

Schnurr             Genset Commissioning            $  1,000.00

WaterTec Irrigation        Level Controller and Flow Switch            $  1,569.00

Costs exceeding prior approval amounts        $  2,472.00

Total                    $39,961.00


Recommendation: THAT Council approve a further $40,000 for the completion of the Solar Aquatics Wastewater System with the funds coming from the Water Reserve, and THAT these funds will be repaid to the Water Reserve from 2017 Gas Tax Funds.

Bradford Wells:

BC Groundwater reports that “the pumping test was successfully completed last week by Central Interior Pumps.  It confirmed the following:

· The very high productivity of Deep Aquifer number two;

· The suitability of the ponds to infiltrate discharge from drilling and well screen development operations; and,

· The presence of a fine sandy layer in the upper third portion of the test screen.

Pond one was capable of accepting 800 m3 (200,000 US gal) of discharge over a 24 hour period.  The combined daily capacity of the three ponds is estimated to be in the order of 1,600 m3 (450,000 US gal) per day, which is about 50 per cent greater than the upper infiltration estimate presented in our April 2016 proposal.  Needless to say, we are really pleased as it reduces the reliance on direct discharge to the Barriere River.  Our current estimate is that it may be possible to direct all drilling and screen development discharge to the ponds.

The grey water colour observed in the ponds is due to very fine sand originating from the upper portion of the test screen.  The production screen design will be modified based on the drill cuttings observed in each of the two production wells.  As a precaution, we will drill a pilot bore at PW1 (north) as part of the production well drilling program to carefully identify which zones cannot be screened or may be susceptible to sand production.  This may result in slightly different screen designs for each production well, which is not uncommon.

The area between both wells will be stripped of topsoil / organics and stockpiled (covered) southwest of the test wells. Two lifts of pit run gravel will be placed and lightly compacted to support the drilling rig, tender, tanks and compressor.  There is a good potential that drill cuttings may contaminate this fill so it will likely need to be partially scarified prior to final compaction when the final platform is constructed.” This work started last Friday.

JetVac Collection System:

Some aggregate with fine sand, infiltration from the manholes, was flushed through the system and into lift station number one causing a minor issue with the pump. It has since been rectified by Mr. Borrill.

Cemetery Work Bee:

MaryAnn Shewchuk from Drake Cremation and Funeral Services, is organizing a work bee for the Barriere Memorial Cemetery on Oct. 5 from 1 – 3 p.m. All are welcome to come out and help spruce it up for the Thanksgiving long weekend. It will also provide an opportunity to participate in the sharing of ideas on how volunteers can help with cemetery improvements in the future. Bring your edgers, brooms, rakes and gloves. Another work bee will also be planned for the spring.

Sewer smell:

There has been mention of a sewer smell in the downtown last week. This has been reported off and on for the last few months but has dissipated by the time it is investigated. It appears the smell may be venting from a propane regulator and the owner has been notified of this possibility. It is not coming from the Solar Aquatics facility as falsely suggested on a local Facebook page.

Halloween Fireworks:

The fire department has volunteered with Halloween fireworks again this year and volunteers from staff and council will provide the usual concession food by donation. Approximately $1,500 is required for the fireworks and concession food. Council public relations has $1,600 remaining and Director Kershaw from TNRD Area “O” has offered to split the cost at $750 each.