Highlights from July 16 Thompson Nicola Regional District Board Meeting

$40,000 in Federal Gas Tax Funds for upgrades to the underground sprinklers at the North Thompson Fall Fairgrounds in Barriere

The recent Board of Directors meeting for Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) took place on July 16.

Highlights from the meeting include:

Box Safety Concerns

In response to an invitation from the TNRD, Marnie Armstrong, Canada Post Director of Municipal Engagement, and Jenny Van Alstyne, Manager of Government Affairs, made a presentation about community mailbox safety and announced the cancellation of door-to-door mail delivery in Kamloops. Armstrong indicated that a consultation process will take place with residents who are receiving door-to-door delivery before community mailboxes are installed.

Release of Official Referendum Results

from 70 Mile House

The official results from the June 27 referendum in 70 Mile House indicated that 38 people voted in favour and 24 were against establishing an annual $30,000 financial contribution for the 70 Mile House fire department. As a result of the successful referendum, the Board adopted Bylaw No. 2518 and the financial contribution will commence in 2016.

Federal Gas Tax Funds Provided for Sprinkler Upgrades and Park Benches

The Board approved the expenditure of $40,000 in Federal Gas Tax Funds for Electoral Area “O” (Lower North Thompson) for upgrades to the underground sprinklers at the North Thompson Fall Fairgrounds in Barriere.

Birch Island Park will receive new benches thanks to the approval of $4,500 in Federal Gas Tax funds from Electoral Area “A” (Wells Gray Country).

No Fire Protection Service for Pinantan

Petitions were delivered to 436 properties in Pinantan/East Paul Lake allowing property owners to indicate their support for the establishment of a fire-protection service in the community and borrowing of up to $470,000 for the construction of a fire hall and purchase of equipment. The deadline for the receipt of petitions was noon on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. nAt the closing date and time, an insufficient number of petitions were received and the public-assent process was not successful.

Mosquito Control Potentially in the Future

for Areas “M” and “N”

The Board gave three readings to Nicola Valley Mosquito Control Service Area Establishment Bylaw No. 2526, 2015. An Alternative Approval Process will be used to determine if there is sufficient support for service establishment.

New Fees Established for Clearwater Septage

Receiving Facility

By way of adopting Bylaw No. 2528, fees were established for the use of the new Clearwater Septage Receiving Facility. Under the new bylaw, disposal rates will be $80 per load up to 4.55 cubic meters of septage. Over 4.55 cubic meters of septage will be charged at $17.60 per cubic metre.

Support for Direct Current Fast-Charging Station in Spences Bridge

The Board will send a letter to BC Hydro supporting its proposal to install a Direct Current Fast Charging station in Spences Bridge for electric cars.

Annual Out-of-Town Board Meeting — Thursday, August 20, at 10 a.m., Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre.