Highlights from the TNRD Board Meeting of Nov. 21

Thompson Nicola Regional District Board Meeting highlights

Thompson Nicola Regional District

Fraser Basin Council Delegation

Dr. Charles Jago, Chair, and Mike Simpson, Senior Regional Manager, provided a presentation on the activities of the Fraser Basin Council. Dr. Jago and Mr. Simpson highlighted projects occurring in the TNRD, such as facilitating community-to-community forums, the Kamloops Source to Tap drinking water assessment, the Nicola Lake Action Plan, and the Shuswap Watershed monitoring program.

Community Water and Sewer Committee, Repeal Bylaw No 2440, 2013

The Community Water and Sewer Committee Repeal Bylaw was adopted, which eliminated 17 community water and sewer system committees that were no longer active or effective. In the future, when significant projects are undertaken for TNRD utility systems, an ad-hoc committee will be struck to include members of the community.

Medical Marihuana Grow Operations

First and second readings were given for Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2442, 2013, regarding medical marihuana grow operations. A public hearing will be held in conjunction with a regular Board of Directors meeting on the proposed bylaw. The proposed bylaw permits medical marihuana production, subject to specific conditions of use, on parcels greater than eight hectares within the ALR or those zoned AF-1 or RL-1 of size greater than eight ha, and on I-2 or 1-3 zoned industrial lands greater than 4 ha.

TNRD Procedure Bylaw 2394

The Board of Directors Procedure Bylaw No. 2394, 2013, was adopted. It governs Board proceedings.

Board Meeting Change of Date

The December 19, 2013, inaugural meeting has been rescheduled to December 12, 2013, 1:15 p.m.

2013-2018 Financial Plan

The TNRD Provisional Budget for 2014 was presented, highlighting a seven per cent decrease in overall expenditures. The tax paid on the average priced residential home for municipalities is estimated to range from $131.71 (Clinton) to $300.27 (Clearwater). The tax paid on the average priced residential home for Electoral Areas is estimated to range from $219.25 (EA “I”) to $532.65 (EA “M”). The 2014-18 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2443 was given three readings and was adopted.

Blackpool Firehall Heater Replacement

The Board approved up to $10,000 of Federal Gas Tax Revenues, Community Works Fund, allocated to Electoral Area “A” (Wells Gray Country) to be approved to upgrade the overhead heaters at the Blackpool Firehall. They will be replaced with energy-efficient units.

Capital Grants for Search and Rescue

On recommendation of the Emergency Management and Protective Services Committee, the following grants were approved:

• Kamloops SAR — $1,169.00

• Logan Lake SAR — $1,233.07

• Wells Gray SAR — $20,335.73