Highways plan includes North Thompson Valley

10-year highways includes constructing additional passing lanes along Highway 5

The 10-year highways plan announced last week includes constructing additional passing lanes along Highway 5 between Kamloops and Tete Jaune Cache to promote safety and efficiency.

This would be part of an investment of approximately $1 billion over the next three years.

With more than 1,000 trucks on this corridor every day, more passing lanes are needed for safety and to reduce driver frustration, says the plan.

Construction will begin this summer on a new southbound passing lane at Camp Creek near Valemount.

The plan makes note of the roundabout on Highway 5 in Clearwater, which it describes as B.C.’s first-ever roundabout on a major numbered route.

The roundabout ensures safe community access to the highway and is the gateway entrance to the iconic Wells Gray Provincial Park.

The plan also indicates a willingness to explore opportunities to maintain public access to resource and back-country roads, such as Clearwater River Road and the road to the Trophy Mountain flower meadows.

Many back-country roads are built by resource industry companies and are maintained only when resource activity is ongoing.

Additionally, companies have an obligation to decommission these roads when their work is done.

However, many of these roads provide important access to B.C.’s back-county for other business uses and recreation.

Government ministries will work together with the resource industry and other stakeholders to identify priority back-country roads and explore opportunities to maintain access to ensure they can be secured for future use and enjoyment.