HST panel requesting submissions on referendum options

  • Feb. 21, 2011 9:00 a.m.

The independent panel reviewing and reporting publicly on the pros and cons of the HST and returning the PST/GST system wants to review relevant research from interested parties. Until March 4, 2011, interested parties can provide fact-based submissions related to the panel terms of reference:

* The consumer impacts to individuals/families of each option.

* The expected impact of each option to B.C. businesses and B.C. economic competitiveness.

* The fiscal implications of each option to the provincial budget in both the short and long term.

* Relevant information and analyses from other jurisdictions.

Submissions can be sent electronically to submissions@bchstinfo.ca, or faxed to 604-775-0727.

Submissions within the panel terms of reference will be reviewed and provided publicly as part of the panel reporting process. Duplicate submissions will be noted and provided once in the reporting process.

For more information on the independent panel and its terms of reference, visit www.hstinbc.ca.