Illegal dumping in the TNRD


Although most residents in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District responsibly manage their waste, illegal dumping continues to be a problem. Often times, items we find dumped in the bush, could have been brought to a local transfer station or landfill for free!

Once these items are in the bush, they tend to attract more material. This is known as the ‘broken window theory’. An area that looks unkempt is more likely to attract illegally dumped materials than an area that is well taken care of, and free of illegally dumped materials.

On average the TNRD spends around $30,000 annually on cleaning up illegal dumping sites. Motion sensor cameras have also been installed throughout the region to catch illegal dumpers in the act. The cameras track activity in illegal dumping hot spots by catching vehicle license plates, and then relay the evidence to conservation officers who then issue fines accordingly.

Many illegal dumping sites go unreported however. The TNRD also organizes clean-ups of reported sites with volunteers and community groups from around the region who want to make a difference.

The TNRD is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through undertaking more environmentally sustainable ways of operations. In 2008 the TNRD adopted its Regional Solid Waste Management Plan, which included the development of a region-wide Pay-as-you-Throw garbage collection program and unlimited blue bag recycling. On the following page of this newsletter there is a list of commonly illegally dumped items that have been found around the TNRD, and where you can dispose of them properly. There is also a short list of illegal dumping hot spots in the TNRD. “These items listed are items that could’ve been disposed of for free,” said Adriana Mailloux, TNRD Environmental Services technologist. “However they’re continuously dumped illegally around the region.”

Let’s work together to keep our Region clean. Please report any illegal dumpsites, or for hours of operation, call the TNRD at 1-877-377-8673 or email, or go to under Solid Waste and Recycling, Illegal Dumping.