Injured snowmobiler assisted by WG Search and Rescue

Injured snowmobiler assisted by Wells Gray Search and Rescue

Nine Wells Gray Search and Rescue members and two volunteers from Clearwater Snowdrifters responded to rescue a snowmobiler with a back injury near Blue River on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

The team was stood down as they passed through Avola, according to a team spokesperson.

A BC Ambulance Service helicopter from Kamloops had been used to retrieve and transport the injured subject out, he explained.

In fact, it had been anticipated that the team would not be needed but it was called out as a contingency. Darkness was approaching and the helicopter might experience difficulties landing.

The Snowdrifters have their own small rescue team and the WGSAR volunteers were happy to have some more experienced snowmobilers along, said the spokesperson.

The incident occurred between Cook and Whitewater Creeks, about 10 km north-northwest of Blue River. The terrain was described as not having a high avalanche hazard.