‘Know before you go’

Remember to check DriveBC before heading out on a trip

The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure is encouraging everyone to check DriveBC.ca before they head out on their travels.

DriveBC provides information on latest road conditions, weather, incidents, and special events, such as road construction.

DriveBC also provides seasonal driving tips and other helpful links for planning a safe trip. Road conditions can also be accessed toll free at 1 800 550-4997.

The ministry has increased the DriveBC network by adding more than 66 new highway cam views last year, which boosts the network to more than 549 highway cam views across B.C.

Another way to “know before you go” is to follow DriveBC and TranBC on Twitter and get up-to-date information on your desktop or mobile phone.

Drivers are reminded to obey all posted speed limits and if the weather is bad, slow down according to road conditions and maintain a safe following distance.

Motorists are also reminded of the “slow down move over” law, which now includes all vehicles displaying a flashing red, blue or yellow light. This law improves safety for first responders, Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) and tow truck drivers, as well as all roadside workers, including highway maintenance workers.

When approaching a stopped vehicle with a flashing light, drivers must slow to 70 km/h when in an 80km/h or over zone, and 40km/h when in an under 80km/h zone.

If travelling on a multi-lane road, the driver must move into another lane to pass a vehicle with a flashing light where safe to do so. Learn more:

To go to DriveBC: DriveBC.ca To follow DriveBC on twitter, go to: http://twitter.com/drivebc

To follow what’s going on in transportation, go to: http://tranbc.ca/