Little Fort Fire Protection gets boost in funding

Highlights from the Thompson Nicola Regional District board meeting Nov. 24

Mamit Lake, Little Fort Fire

Protection Get Boost in Funding

The Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) board of Directors meeting on Nov. 24, approved a 25 per cent ($744) increase in the annual financial contribution for provision of fire protection services to residents of the Mamit Lake area within Electoral Area “M” (Beautiful Nicola Valley-North).

The Board also approved increasing the annual financial contribution for provision of fire protection services to residents of the Little Fort area within Electoral Area “O” (Lower North Thompson) by up to $9,500. Under Local Government Act Regulation, raising the maximum tax requisition by 25 per cent is allowed once every five years under regulation.

Funding Boost Approved for

Little Fort Hall

The Board also approved an increase of 25 per cent, or $5,137, to the maximum annual requisition for the Little Fort Community Hall, boosting the amount to $25,685. This will allow for the funding of maintenance of the hall’s water system as well as other minor costs for the facility.

The Little Fort Community Hall is owned by the TNRD and the Little Fort Community Association receives an annual financial contribution for its maintenance and operation as a public meeting hall.

Winery’s Amphitheatre Goes Ahead

After input from a Public Hearing and Report were considered, Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2578, 2016, was given third reading. Monte Creek Winery proponents requested site-specific amendments to Zoning Bylaw 2400 to allow an open-air amphitheatre and overflow event parking. The amendment was passed with a further requirement that staff negotiate a covenant with the property owners that will secure a noise-management plan that is deemed acceptable and enforceable before consideration of bylaw adoption.

The Public Hearing comes on the heels of the Board receiving reports related to acoustical site conditions and potential noise impacts from live music/entertainment events at the planned open-air amphitheatre.

$5,000 Granted for Art Exposed

Kathy Sinclair of the Kamloops Arts Council and Sheila Bliss, artist and president of Logan Lake Arts Council, provided a presentation to the Board about the Art Exposed exhibition, which occurs in 2017 from March 3 to 11. Art Exposed showcases non-juried pieces from artists throughout the region and the TNRD was a sponsor of last year’s exhibition. The TNRD Board resolved to provide $5,000 towards the event.

TNRD 2017-2021 Provisional

Financial Plan Adopted

Through Bylaw 2594, 2016, the TNRD 2017- 2021 Provisional Financial Plan was adopted. The 2017 Provisional Budget estimates a tax requisition of $23,759,029. The provisional budget lays out the TNRD’s plans for 2017, but taxes are still based on 2016 property values as 2017 values will not be available until the new year. As such, the provisional budget taxes are still subject to change in the final budget to be reviewed in March 2017. The 2017 Provisional Budget also includes setting aside $2,317,500 into operating reserves for anticipated future needs.

The next regular board meeting will be held Thursday, Dec. 15, 1:15 p.m.