Marijuana referendum tour to hit 32 Interior towns in 12 days

Sensible BC Director Dana Larsen is embarking on a whirlwind tour of BC’s Interior

Sensible BC Director Dana Larsen is embarking on a whirlwind tour of BC’s Interior, visiting 32 towns in 12 days to promote the campaign for a marijuana referendum.

“We need volunteers and canvassers in every community,” said Larsen. “My goal is to meet local supporters and register them as canvassers so they can collect signatures this fall.”

Larsen has prepared legislation called The Sensible Policing Act, which would effectively decriminalize marijuana by stopping BC police from making searches or arrests for simple possession. The law also calls upon the federal government to repeal marijuana prohibition, so that BC can legally regulate its cultivation and sale.

The proposed law has been accepted by Elections BC, and Larsen will have 90 days to collect signatures from 10 per cent of the registered voters in every electoral district, beginning Sept. 9. These 400,000 signatures can only be collected by people who have first registered as a canvasser.

“It’s easy to register as a canvasser,” said Larsen. “It just takes two minutes to fill out the form for Elections BC. I bring the forms with me, but people can also easily do it online. We will need at least 5000 canvassers to have a good chance of success. If you’ve always dreamed of legalization, this is your chance to help make history!”

See all 32 Interior tour dates by going to:

Area stops include:

• Wednesday, Aug. 14, Prince George – 7 p.m., location TBA

• Thursday, Aug. 15,

– McBride – 1 p.m., The Beanery (1000 – 1st Ave)

– Valemount – 3 p.m., Caribou Grill (1002 5th Ave)

– Clearwater – 6:30 p.m., Painted Turtle (361 Ridge)