MLA candidates confirmed in their ridings

MLA candidates confirmed in several Kamloops ridings

Following the Sept. 1 announcement by incumbent Liberal Terry Lake that he will not run again in the May election next year for the Kamloops-North Thompson, North Shore Business Improvement Association executive director Steve Puhallo and Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar were quick off the starting line.

Former Tobiano resort developer Mike Grenier announced his entry last week, which could further delay a nomination meeting while paperwork and candidate vetting is completed.

While the B.C. Liberals entertain this three-way race for the Kamloops-North Thompson nomination, other parties are locking in their candidates.

The NDP acclaimed Barb Nederpel as the riding’s candidate.

Dan Hines is the Green candidate, while Peter Kerek will represent the Communist Party of B.C.

In the Kamloops-South Thompson riding, Transportation Minister Todd Stone will seek re-election as the B.C. Liberal candidate.

Beat Klossner is running for the B.C. Communist Party, while Donovan Cavers is the Green candidate and Nancy Bepple is seeking the NDP nomination.

Dan Brooks was voted the Party’s leader on Saturday in Prince George.

The Conservatives have no nominees announced for either Kamloops riding.