MP McLeod encourages everyone to investigate a New Financial Toolkit

Your Financial Toolkit will help Canadians become more capable and confident financial consumers

Ottawa – Cathy McLeod, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue, is encouraging constituents to investigate a new resource launched this week that will help them make sense of the everyday financial questions that they face.

“Your Financial Toolkit will help Canadians become more capable and confident financial consumers,” said McLeod. “People can now benefit from an objective, reliable and complete new resource to help them make wise financial decisions.”

The resource is divided into 11 modules and includes worksheets, quizzes, questionnaires, tools, calculators, educational videos and case studies that give Canadians the option of completing the whole program or to easily select the topics in which they are the most interested. They can also use its self-assessment tool to find modules and tools that are useful for them based on their situation and needs.

The modules presented are: income, expenses and budget; banking; saving; credit and debit management; mortgages; insurance; investing; income taxes; retirement and pensions; financial planning and fraud protection.

Your Financial Toolkit is available free of charge online or in paper format. A printed copy may be ordered by contacting the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada directly at 1-866-461-3222 or by visiting our website:

“I believe that Your Financial Toolkit is great way for Canadians to increase their financial literacy, enhance their personal well-being and strengthen our financial system as a whole,” concluded McLeod.