MP McLeod on Pre-Budget 2011

Recommendations clearly focused on how to ensure federal finances will stimulate jobs and economic growth

On June 27, 2011 the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance launched the 2011 pre-budget consultations with an invitation for Canadians to participate in the consultation process by providing their views about how to achieve a sustained economic recovery in Canada, create quality, sustainable jobs, ensure relatively low rates of taxation and achieve a balanced budget.

The recommendations were clearly focused on how to ensure federal finances will stimulate jobs and economic growth, and ensure that future generations do not face the burden of every-increasing debt.

The implementation of these recommendations will help to bring about the strength needed for a prosperous future.

A highlight of a few of the recommendations are as follows:

The federal government to convene an expert panel to review, modernize and simplify both the personal  and corporate tax systems.

The federal government to examine the concept of a First Nations Property Ownership Act as proposed by Manny Jules and the First Nations Tax Commission.

The federal government continues to support improvements to health human resources and health research for all health professions, including nursing, through the continued and growing use of innovative new technologies, such as electronic health records.

The federal government continues to review the report of the Expert Panel on Federal Support to Research and Development to help the government’s efforts to modernize programs in support of innovation, and improve Canada’s productivity in the global economy, while also upholding Canada’s reputation as a top destination for global research talent.

As we concluded the report we noted that with continued economic uncertainty abroad, the resiliency of our nation depends upon promoting strong federal finances, businesses, communities and people.