MP McLeod promotes Canada’s Federal Tourism Strategy

Report from Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops Thompson Cariboo

Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops Thompson Cariboo applauded the announcement of Canada’s Federal Tourism Strategy: Welcoming the World. The Strategy represents a collaborative effort involving 15 federal departments and agencies, and is an important step in building Canada’s tourism advantage.

“In June 2009, the Prime Minister announced the development of a Federal Tourism Strategy to improve coordination among the many government departments and agencies that support the tourism sector,” said McLeod.  “The objective is to implement a whole-of-government approach to enhance the federal government’s role as an effective partner with industry and to develop an internationally competitive tourism sector.”

The Strategy addresses the following priorities:

• Încreasing awareness of Canada as a premier tourist destination

• Facilitating ease of access and movement for travelers while ensuring the safety and integrity of Canada’s borders

• Encouraging product development and investments in Canadian tourism assets and products

• Fostering an adequate supply of skills and labour to enhance visitor experiences through quality service and hospitality.

“Ideally tourism stakeholders will see a more coordinated approach to help position Canada’s tourism sector to take advantage of growth opportunities, increase tourism revenues and create jobs in all regions of Canada,” said McLeod.  “Tourism stakeholders will have better access to information through the new tourism website for all federal programs, services and announcements.”

Currently, the federal government supports the tourism industry in many ways, including the operation of national parks, the negotiation of bilateral air service agreements and the promotion of Canada as a leading tourism destination.

“I look forward to assisting tourism stakeholders throughout the Kamloops, Thompson and Cariboo regions with the opportunities provided by the new Federal Tourism Strategy,” concluded McLeod.