Nancy Greene Raine to be inducted into the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame.                                File photo:

Nancy Greene Raine to be inducted into the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame. File photo:

Nancy Greene Raine to be inducted into the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame

North Thompson


The Tourism Industry Association of Canada is recognizing Nancy Greene Raine as the newest inductee of the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame at the 2018 Tourism Congress in Gatineau, Quebec, Nov. 27-28. Since its inception in 2006, the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame has recognized inductees for their impact in shaping Canada’s tourism sector.

Now Director of Skiing at Sun Peaks Resort, Greene Raine’s achievements, including Olympic Champion at the 1968 Grenoble Winter Games, Canada’s female athlete of the 20th century, member of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, and her Canadian record of 13 World Cup victories, drove her status as a Canadian sporting icon.

Greene Raine remained an active promoter of winter sport following her retirement from ski racing, but lesser known is her involvement in the tourism industry. For Greene Raine, it was important to highlight skiing and snow sports to bolster Canadian winter tourism, and promote Canada as one of the world’s top winter and ski destinations.

Prior to moving to Sun Peaks, Greene Raine and her husband, Sun Peaks’ Mayor Al Raine, resided in Whistler. From 1975 to 1994, they were fundamental in putting Whistler on the map as an international ski destination with involvement in destination promotion, expansion of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, and building Whistler’s first hotel, Nancy Greene’s Olympic Lodge, now known as Crystal Lodge.

In 1994, the couple left Whistler for Sun Peaks, where development of a new ski resort at the former Tod Mountain ski area, was underway. Over the past two decades, they have been an integral part of Sun Peaks’ growth, starting with construction of the first condominium hotel in Sun Peaks, Nancy Greene’s Cahilty Lodge.

“Nancy’s enthusiasm for winter sports is infectious for all those around her,” commented Darcy Alexander, Vice President and General Manager at Sun Peaks Resort. “We are fortunate to have Nancy share her passion with our winter guests through her complimentary ‘Ski with Nancy’ program. Whether you are a lifelong skier or a beginner, time on the slopes with Nancy makes your skiing experience even better, whether she’s sharing ski tips or simply, her love of the mountains.”

Greene Raine’s active involvement in the promotion of winter sport and Canada as a tourism destination continues. Prior to her induction to the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame, she was named a Tourism Ambassador for British Columbia and served as the Chairman of the Tourism Taskforce for the Asia Pacific Initiative.