Nominations close for Civic election – whose running?

Candidates in Barriere, TNRD Area O and P, and Kamloops/Thompson School District - Barriere and Area O

Nominations closed 4 p.m. Friday for those wishing to let their name stand for local government and school district elections.  The following is a list of the candidates who will be running in the November 19, 2011 election in the Lower North Thompson area.

District of Barriere:

Mayor candidate –

Mike Fennell (incumbent)

Bill Humphreys

Councillor candidates –

Kathy Campbell

Bill Kershaw

Doug McGregor

Pat Paula (incumbent)

Amanda Sabyan

Virginia Smith (incumbent)

Ward Stamer (incumbent)

Glen Stanley (incumbent)


Kamloops/Thompson School District:

Trustee candidates –

Rhonda Kershaw

Joanne Stokes


Thompson Nicola Regional District:

Area ‘O’ – Bonnie CruzelleMyram (incumbent)

Area ‘P’ –  John Sternig (incumbent)