North Thompson Army Cadets back on home ground

North Thompson Army Cadets back on home ground

The Rocky Mountain Rangers Army Cadets officially re-started their Barriere platoon, North Thompson Army Cadets, last Monday as a result of dedication and determination to be able have an active platoon once again on home ground.

The Barriere platoon is open to any youth 12 to 18 years of age residing in the North Thompson Valley.

At this time the Barriere platoon will remain a part of the Kamloops Corp, with most of the regular training taking place in Barriere, Monday evenings from 6:15 to 9 p.m., upstairs at the Legion in Barriere with entrance through the side door with the RMR crest on it. However, the first Monday of the month the platoon will attend the Commanding Officer Parade held in Kamloops.

The last Monday of the month is the platoon’s Sports Night, which includes platoon activities such as swimming, bowling, wall climbing, and more.

Of note, is that once the North Thompson Army Cadets grow in numbers they will become a satellite platoon, and at that time will be able to parade full time in Barriere.

Cadets is a FREE youth organization funded by the Department of National Defense covering the costs of uniforms, training and camps.

Currently, the North Thompson Army Cadets are looking for a Parent Sponsor Committee to organize fundraisers to cover their sports nights and a few extras funded by their own platoon’s fundraising efforts.

Being a part of the Rocky Mountain Rangers Army Cadets teaches respect and structure, while provides members with the following learning opportunities: physical fitness, nutrition, marksmanship, biathlon, band, leadership, drill, citizenship, map and compass, survival skills. They can also participate in; expeditions, International expeditions, International exchanges (Chili, Japan, Britain, etc.), and summer camp opportunities.

Cadets must join by mid-January to be eligible to attend summer camps.

The North Thompson Army Cadets’ Commanding Officer is Captain Stilborn in Kamloops. Captain Shearsmith will be helping in Barriere as well as Lieutenant Marc Tremblay of Barriere, and Second Lieutenant Terri Campbell from Clearwater.

Find out more at: or on Facebook: Potential-North Thompson Army Cadets

For more info regarding the North Thompson Army Cadets call Lieutenant Tremblay at: 778-220-9194