North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo members celebrate B.C. Beef Day along with Victoria

NT Fall Fair members celebrate B.C. Beef Day at fair hall in Barriere

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association member

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association member

Cuts of B.C. beef weren’t just on the menu at a barbecue outside Victoria’s Parliament Buildings last Wednesday, but also at a potluck supper and meeting of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association (NTFFRA) in Barriere.

The  Province had proclaimed May 16, 2012, the third annual B.C. Beef Day, and the NTFFRA lent their support by enjoying a large barbecued beef roast as the main course of their potluck supper.

B.C. Beef Day is a joint venture with the BC Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA) that commemorates the ongoing partnership between government and ranchers.

This year, the BCCA is featuring a new education program highlighting the benefits B.C. beef brings to our tables and communities.

The BCCA has teamed up with the provincial and federal governments to launch “Behind the Beef” – a face-to-face and web-based program to provide British Columbians with tips on selecting and preparing different cuts of beef along with nutritional facts.

The total economic contribution of B.C.’s beef industry is estimated at over a half-billion dollars annually. B.C.’s Agrifoods Strategy aims to expand local and international markets for B.C. foods and notes specific opportunities for beef.  The strategy is designed to lead B.C.’s agrifoods sector to becoming a $14-billion-a-year industry by 2017.

The Behind the Beef program also provides information on B.C.’s ranches, and the beef industry’s commitment to animal health and welfare, land stewardship and food safety. Resources, recipes and tips, and an events schedule are available at: