NTFFRA Volunteer Appreciation Banquet recognized community spirit and generosity

NTFFRA Volunteer Appreciation Banquet recognized community spirit and generosity

The Volunteer Appreciation Banquet hosted by the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association (NTFFRA) on Dec. 2 in the North Thompson Agriplex Hall was an amazing gathering of some 150 folks who make a difference in their communities. Attendees came from Kamloops to Clearwater to enjoy a delicious buffet supper with mountains of food and good people to share it with.

The event was open to anyone from the area who had volunteered in any capacity during the evacuations of this past summer, including; those who transported and cared for the livestock stabled at the fairgrounds or on area properties, local First Responders, ESS members, North Thompson Volunteer Centre helpers, folks who prepared food, sorted donations, housed evacuees, donated or delivered animal feed, and much more.

It was also open to NTFFRA volunteers who help out at the annual fall fair and rodeo, facility events, or helped with grounds maintenance and repair.

“We just thought it a good idea to say thank you by sharing a meal and socializing with each other for a few hours,” said NTFFRA president Jill Hayward, “It is so hard to thank everyone personally, sometimes you have no idea who did what, the job justs gets done and everyone moves forward – but who did that job?”

Hayward said volunteerism and helping each other was most evident this summer as Barriere and other area communities opened their doors to those evacuated by the wildfires.

The banquet was attended by Mayor Virginia Smith, Councillor Donna Kibble and Pat Paula, and Thompson Nicola Regional District Bill Kershaw.

Music was provided by Gordie West, and the meal was prepared by Alice Mayovsky and Jean Smith.

Hayward says a big thank you to all who helped and to those who donated to the meal. She also noted that thank you certificates were made available for all NTFFRA volunteers, and also to those members of the public who volunteered in area communities during the evacuations.

If you would like a certificate for yourself or for others who helped out please contact Jill Hayward at 250-319-8023.