Over $5 thousand raised in Barriere

Raise-A-Reader 2011 Barriere

One of the many Raise-A-Reader volunteers

One of the many Raise-A-Reader volunteers

Eight volunteers were out and about in Barriere on Sept. 28, hawking papers for the Raise-A-Reader project.  Two each were stationed near the Post Office, at the AG Foods parking lot, and the Petro Can, while two more drove around town visiting various other businesses.

This year, $1854.23 was raised from local businesses and $698.49 was raised in selling the papers, for a total raise of $2552.72 (with two more cheques on the way).  This amount will be matched by the government and sponsors, which will mean over $5100 will go to Barriere’s Literacy Program.

Val Stamer, of Stamer Logging, the local business that donated the most to this year’s fundraiser ($500), stated “I believe so strongly that everyone deserves to be able to read and comprehend what they read.  It is so important.”

One of the projects currently in the planning stages is the “Bright Blue Bookshelf”, a book exchange program that will be coming to Barriere.  The exact location of this is yet to be determined.

Another project being planned is the development of an ECO Park near the Elementary School.

For more information on these projects, or for any information regarding Barriere’s Literacy Program, please contact Co-ordinator Barb Gordon at 250-672-2111.