Police find stolen backhoe

backhoe was stolen from the Argo Road Maintenance yard at Louis Creek last Monday

Barriere RCMP Cst. Evan Cadwallader reports that a backhoe was stolen from the Argo Road Maintenance yard at Louis Creek last Monday.  The backhoe, with an estimated value of $100,000, was taken from the yard sometime between Sunday and Monday morning.  The officer says that while he was investigating in the surrounding area, at approximately five kilometres up Agate Bay Road, he noted a property with an aluminum farm gate that had been driven through.  Further investigation found the stolen backhoe some distance from the roadway and hidden in the bush.

Cst. Cadwallader says the thieves were most likely planning to return at a later date to collect the backhoe.  Police have no suspects at this time, and are asking anyone with information pertaining to this theft to please contact the RCMP or call Crimestoppers tips line at 1-800-222-8477.

The officer also reports that on Thursday afternoon, Apr. 12, Barriere RCMP responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle and an accompanying male and female walking down Borthwick Road with a gas can.

On further investigation by police the woman was located coming out of one of the residences in the area.   Police found items on her person that had been stolen from inside the residence.

The 23-year-old female from Stoney Plain, Alberta, was arrested at the scene, and will be appearing in Kamloops Court.  The male was released.

“It appears all of the stolen items have been recovered,” said Cst. Cadwallader, “Police thank the residents in the area for being vigilant, and for reporting the suspicious activity which has resulted in an arrest.”

He also noted that over the past two months the police have seen an increase in theft within the area; especially theft of metal.

“We are asking members of the community to lock their doors, and their vehicles,” said the officer. “Keep an eye open and report any suspicious activity to police.”