Pregnant cow butchered by poachers, $25,000 reward offered

The poaching took place on Oct 15 on the Fish Trap Corrals in Westsyde

there is a $25

there is a $25

By Kamloops This Week

A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for shooting a pregnant cow in the face, butchering the back legs and tenderloins and leaving the rest of the animal on the ground.  The poaching took place on Saturday on the Fish Trap Corrals in Westsyde.

Asha Bishop has taken to Facebook to spread word of the cattle rustling that occurred, noting it is not the first time it has happened on that range.

Bishop said her father and grandparents went to round up their cattle from the range to bring back home when they came across the grisly scene.

“Someone shot a pregnant cow in the face and took the back legs and tenderloins — the best parts of the cow — and left the rest,” she said. “Whoever did this is the most inhumane person because not only did they do this to this cow, but they also shot another ranching family’s pregnant cow in the face. Didn’t kill it and just left it. And when they found it, she was in so much pain and will probably have to be put down.

“The person who did this is extremely skilled and clearly knew what they were doing. This happened last year to another ranching family on the same range. With cattle prices as low as they are, actions like this threaten the livelihood of thousands of ranching families in Western Canada.”

The Kamloops RCMP is investigating and has collected evidence from the scene, including a box of garbage bags the poachers appear to have used to cart off parts of the cow.

Poaching and rustling continues to be a problem in the Kamloops area.

Last year, a heifer was butchered in a similar manner north of Heffley.

Anybody with information on the incident in Westsyde is asked to contact Kamloops Mounties at 250-828-3000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).