Scam artist phones local North Thompson woman with special deal

latest scam - man claims to be representing Publishers Clearing House

A local resident recently came into the Times’ office in Clearwater and told them about a man who claimed to be representing Publishers Clearing House.

The man had phoned to tell her that there was a cheque ready to be delivered to her.

He asked that she wire him nearly $2,000 to provide one per cent insurance for the cheque.

The company provided nine per cent insurance in the United States but 10 per cent was needed in Canada, he told her.

Instead of sending him the money she went to the police and then the newspaper.

The man identified himself as Mr. James Green (phone 1-876-486-9703 – this is a Jamaican area code and not toll-free).

He told her to wire the money to Mr. William Hipps at #2 Palermo M.E.

He seemed to know quite about about the woman, even though her number is unlisted.

Since posting this story online a number of other local residents have come forward with similar experiences.

Be careful out there.