School District encourages students, staff and community to proudly wear pink, Feb 27

School District 73gathers support to stop bullying

It’s not going away any time soon – support, that is, for putting an end to bullying in School District 73.

Anti-bullying policies and practices are ongoing, year-round through the district, but on Feb. 27 all students, administrators, teachers, staff, local businesses and organizations are encouraged to wear pink in a united show of support for national Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day.

Anti-Bullying Day, Feb 27, gives students, staff and our district an opportunity to pull together and demonstrate support for safe schools and positive social behavior,” says Dr. Terry Sullivan, School District 73 Superintendent. “It also provides an opportunity to shine light on the many ongoing programs the district has to support students and positive school environments.”

To help build momentum for the event, administrators and trustees in attendance at the Feb. 18 board meeting sported their pink shirts. Pro social behavior and bullying were also main topics of discussion at a district-wide leadership workshop, Feb. 19 at the Henry Grube Centre, where more than 100 secondary students and staff leadership representatives gathered for the day.

District principal Bill Hamblett said the event was a first in terms of scope, and many of the ideas generated will be taken back to individual schools.

The goal for the day was to get leaders from every high school talking about pro social behavior. During the morning representatives from organizations such as United Way and the Red Cross outlined how students could get involved and work as mentors. In the afternoon we heard students from various schools present on programs and ideas they’re working on individually.”

Hamblett said the success of the day has spurred ideas for similar, student-driven leadership events in the future.

As part of a district-wide effort, all schools are encouraged to promote Feb. 27 pink shirt day to students and staff, while additional events may be planned school to school. Policies on bullying and expected behaviour may be accessed any time through the district’s website at