Shopping local is part of a vibrant community

Buying locally is an integral part of what it takes to have a healthy and vibrant community. By encouraging our consumers to do their holiday shopping in locally owned businesses it increases the measurable effect that every dollar spent in a local business has on local economies.

LOCO BC, which coordinates Buy Local Week in the province, released a study this month confirming that every dollar spent at independent businesses recirculates in local economies 4.6 times more than a dollar spent at a multinational company.

“Over the holiday season, Canadians are expected to spend about $1,600 each,” said Amy Robinson, founder and executive director of LOCO BC. “Every dollar spent locally keeps up to 63 cents in the community, creating up to 4.6 times the economic impact over any money spent at a non-local business. Our study also found that local businesses contribute 24 times more than multinationals to local causes and charities. Buying local has a measurable impact in our local communities.”

The annual Late Night Shopping event in Barriere provides a perfect opportunity for residents in the area to not only have the convenience of additional shopping opportunities, but to also be supporting the community’s economy and jobs as well.

Shop local and help keep our community vibrant and sustainable.