Simpcw First Nation Postpones Signing of Cooperation Agreement


Simpcw First Nation announced last Wednesday a postponement of the signing of a cooperation agreement with Selkirk Metals Corporation, pending talks with the Adams Lake Indian Band about its concerns over a proposed zinc/lead mining project at Ruddock Creek.

Simpcw First Nation had planned to sign the cooperation agreement with Selkirk, a subsidiary of Imperial Metals Corporation, on August 9 in Clearwater at 3:30 p.m. in the Clearwater Community Resource Centre.

After consulting with company representatives, this signing ceremony and a visit to the mining exploration site scheduled for August 10 are now postponed to allow time for discussions with the Adams Lake Indian Band over its interest in the project area.

Chief Nathan Matthew and the Simpcw First Nation Council are interested in knowing more details of the Adams Lake Indian Band’s interest in the Ruddock Creek project, and in finding constructive ways of working together toward a mutually beneficial consensus.