Spectacular crash

A spectacular crash of the Highway 5 bridge just before Clearwater.

A spectacular crash of the Highway 5 bridge just before Clearwater.

At 08:20 on March 29, RCMP were called to the scene of a spectacular motor vehicle crash on Highway 5 at the Clearwater River Bridge.  A five ton truck hauling a load of potato chips was north bound on Highway 5 near the bridge when it veered across oncoming traffic and crashed into the end of the cement barricade at the south end of the bridge. The truck then rode up and slid along the top of the no-posts until it got onto the bridge rail itself.  It continued to slide along the metal guard rail for approximately 30 feet before careening off the side of the bridge and free falling for at least 20 feet, crashing into the ground below.  It then rolled down a steep embankment towards the river, coming to rest up against one of the bridge pillars.

The driver crawled out of the tangle wreck to see smoke billowing from the truck.  Within minutes if burst into flames which engulfed the entire vehicle until it was completely annihilated.  Clearwater RCMP, Clearwater and Blackpool Fire Departments, Ambulance, Highways Department, Forestry, and Argo Road Maintenance all responded to this incident.

The bridge had to be closed for several hours until bridge inspectors out of Kamloops arrived on scene and deemed the bridge safe to reopen.  The driver who started the day with a variety of flavors of potato chips to deliver to local merchants, ended up with a load of smokey barbecue that were completely destroyed.  He was extremely fortunate to walk away with minor injuries.

Clearwater RCMP