Stamer Family makes large donation to NT Agriplex


As the North Thompson Agriplex takes shape on the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association’s property in Barriere, the shape of a community is also forming.

The shape it is taking shows a strong solidarity in working together with a common goal for the betterment of the community.  The shape also shows the joining together of people from all walks of life, all ages, and diversified interests in seeing the 30,000 square foot Agriplex constructed.

When a community joins together with a common vision numerous individuals, businesses and families step up and lend their support.  Whether this support is made in-kind, or by a financial transaction, the end result is achievement of the goal that has been set; and in regards to the Agriplex that goal will be realized.

Since the spring of this year numerous individuals and organizations  have joined together to ‘raise the roof on the North Thompson Agriplex’.  Most recently the Stamer Family have shown their confidence in the project by making a cash donation of $50,000.

Asked what prompted them to make such a significant donation to the project, Val and Derek Stamer answered, “This is our home and our business and we believe in giving something back. Barriere is our community. We’ve lived here for just about 40 years.”

“Derek and the logging equipment arrived in September 1971, and the rest of our family moved into our new double-wide in November.,” said Val, “We couldn’t come right away as there was nowhere for us to live – no homes for sale or rent.  So we had to buy a piece of property and wait for the water and septic systems to be installed.”

The Stamers have always been supportive of community projects, area sports, and youth activities.  Their business, Stamer Logging Ltd., has also made in-kind donations to the Agriplex.

“We feel that as a part of a community you need to give whatever you can – however you can,” said the couple, “This is one of the ways we can give back to the community that has been very good to our family.”

The North Thompson Agriplex will not only house agriculture events, but will be a multi-use facility that will be available for a variety of public events, and thereby creating a positive economic impact to the area.

See page 8 for a current list of donors.