Stolen tool could pose health risk

Kamloops RCMP alerting the public to a unique stolen item that could pose a public risk if mishandled

A Troxler portable gauge

A Troxler portable gauge

Kamloops RCMP are alerting the public to a unique stolen item that could pose a public risk if mishandled.

On the morning of June 16, Kamloops RCMP received a report that a brown 2011 Toyota Tacoma had been stolen sometime overnight from a residence on Pleasant Street. Later that day the vehicle was located in the downtown area and the registered owner attended to retrieve the truck. It was immediately noted that among items stolen from the truck was a Troxler portable gauge, model 3440. This device is used in geotechnical engineering to measure the density of asphalt, soil, aggregate or concrete. Within the device is a capsule that contains radioactive material.

Prior to being stolen, the device was considered tamper proof, however if the device has become damaged or someone were to tamper with it, it could pose a serious risk to themselves and others. The device uses substances called Americium and Caesium which emit gamma radiation and could result in burns to the skin.

The device should have a warning sticker on the instrument and the box,  which states it is radioactive. RCMP ask that if this item is located, to please contact your local detachment and do not handle it, in the event that it has been altered or damaged.


Anyone with information relating to this investigation are asked to contact Kamloops RCMP at (250)828-3000.